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This is one of my favorite Tower cards in any deck. It makes me dizzy when I look at it, but that's a good thing sometimes! I feel like I'm inside the card, part of the falling tower, my world being rocked around me.

The Tower is one of those cards that, when it comes up in a reading, I say "uh-oh" out loud. (Which is bad if I'm reading for another person...) Even though it can also indicate a positive change, there's going to be a lot of chaos and upheaval first. Just looking at a distant tower with little figures falling from it doesn't convey that with the punch-in-the-gut, vivid feeling of falling that I get from this image.

(My other favorite Tower card, if I can mention that here, is in the Ancestral Path deck, but it's not falling at all. I may just like it as an artistic concept, not as a Tarot Tower image.)
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