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Bundie is

I've changed my mind, my favourite character is Bundie, depicted on the Six of Cups and also front row centre <g> on the Nine of Cups.

I like him because he reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's rag doll Charlotte in the Little House books. When Laura was older, some bratty kid was visiting and wanted Charlotte so Ma Ingalls let the kid have her, to Laura's horror.

Sometime in the winter, Laura found Charlotte frozen in a puddle of water with her hair and eye ripped out and no clothes. The nasty little brat had destroyed the doll. So Laura took her home and Ma repaired her and redressed her. But when Laura found the doll in the ice, Charlotte looked like Bundie!!

How could I not like him with his big, ripped head? He's trying to be nice and help people, Bundie has learned the gift of giving, he's a sweetie. And he's smiling, I like people that smile.
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