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Court Cards - Tree of Life Correspondences - Kabbalah

Court Cards - Tree of Life Correspondences - Kabbalah

Here we have a huge discrepancy, not sure what to make of this, but it does lead to a problem when working with the study of Kabbalah and tarot, in accordance with traditional application of correspondences to the cards.

Pay close attention to the Kings and especially the Queens, for this changes where the cards go on the the Tree of Life in each of their traditional Sephirot.

Cosmic Tarot ----------------------------Thoth-----------------------Waite

King of Wands ----- Aries ---------- Knight --- Sagittarius ----------King ------Leo
Queen of Wands --- Sagittarius ----- Queen ---- Aries -------------Queen ----Aries
Prince of Wands ---- Leo ----------- Prince/King --- Leo ---------- Knight ----Sagittarius

King of Cups ------- Cancer -------- Knight -----Pisces ------------ King -----Scorpio
Queen of Cups ----- Pisces --------- Queen ----Cancer ------------ Queen --- Cancer
Prince of Cups ----- Scorpio -------- Prince/King ---- Scorpio ------- Knight ---Pisces

King of Swords ------Libra ---------- Knight ------Gemini ----------- King ------Aquarius
Queen of Swords ----Gemini -------- Queen ------Libra ------------- Queen ----Libra
Prince of Swords ----Aquarius ------ Prince/King --- Aquarius -------- Knight ---Gemini

King of Pentacles --- Capricorn ----- Knight ------Virgo -------------- King ----- Taurus
Queen of Pentacles ---Virgo ------- Queen ----- Capricorn ---------- Queen --- Capricorn
Prince of Pentacles ---Taurus ------ Prince/King --- Taurus ----------- Knight --- Virgo

Cosmic Tarot

Kings (Cardinal) - Air ----------- Prince (Fixed) - Fire ---------- Queens (Mutable) - Water

Wands = Aries -------------------Wands = Leo-------------------- Wands = Sagittarius
Cups = Cancer ------------------ Cups = Scorpio ------------------- Cups = Pisces
Swords = Libra ------------------Swords = Aquarius --------------- Swords = Gemini
Pentacles = Capricorn ----------Pentacles = Taurus --------------- Pentacles = Virgo

Note: so here we start to see the second part to the problem. The Princes - Fire (Fixed) Chochmah in the of Atziluth, and Then the Kings - Air (Cardinal) are in Tiphereth in the world of Yetzirah ?????, Then we move on to The Queens - Water (Mutable) in the sphere of Binah, in the world of Briah, at first think this is ok, well it's not, as you will see in the conclusion.

(Cardinal)-------------------(Fixed)--------------------- (Mutable)
Aries------------------------- Taurus ----------------------- Gemini
Cancer ------------------------ Leo -------------------------- Virgo
Libra ------------------------ Scorpion --------------------- Sagittarius
Capricorn -------------------- Aquarius ----------------------- Pisces

Note: The Zodiac signs in the Cosmic Tarot of the King and Queen are switched, different From the RWS and Thoth. example; (cosmic Tarot) Queen of Wands = Sagittarius in Both (RWS & Thoth) Queen of wands is Aries. However once you look at the (Cosmic Tarot) King of Wands he is Aries.

Deck -----------(Cardinal)---------------(Fixed)---------------- (Mutable)

Cosmic --------------Kings-----------------Knights ------------------Queens
Thoth ------------Queens ---------------- Princes ----------------- Knights
Waite ------------ Queens ---------------- Kings ------------------ Knights

Now we know that RWS and Thoth did a switch with the Kings/Princes and the Knights/Kings. It really doesn't affect with placement on the Tree of Life.

Final Conclusion

RWS and Thoth - Tree of Life -------------------------Cosmic Tarot - Tree of Life

Chockmah = Kings ------------------------------------------- Princes = Chockmah
Binah = Queens ---------------------------------------------- Kings = Binah
Tiphereth = Knights ----------------------------------------- Queens = Tiphereth
Malkuth = Pages -------------------------------------------- Princess = Malkuth

so know your really wandering how I figured that out. Well looking at the wheel of Fortune card on reading in the book there was a hint (Queen of Cups - Solar plexus - sixth sphere beauty on the tree ).

All I can say is WOW this is going to make working the Tree a bit of a challenge, but hey I'm in for it. just another ways to view the cards and the tree of life.

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