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Justice & Tower placement on the LURIANIC TREE OF LIFE

I just wanted to Notify: That I made some changes to the LURIANIC TREE OF LIFE

I moved a couple cards around, I found, with working the Tree last night, I noticed that these cards where best placed on these path/lines of the Tree. I swapped Justice and the Tower card.

Middle Pillar (pillar of Equalibrium/Balance/tree of life, Starting from Kether - Mulkuth

between Kether, (Da'at) and Tipheret - Justice
Between Tipheret and Yesod - Magician
Between Yesod and Malkuth - The High Priestess

The reason why? Look at the imagery on the Card Ie: Justice, is best place on this vertical line Kether, (Da'at) and Tipheret. Her crown (Kether) represents higher Knowledge (Da'at) and her scales represent Balance (middle Pillar), the Base of the stem, of the Scale sit on the Rose (Tipheret).

Kether - (Crown) - Wait/waiting, Surround, Encompass, etc.
Da'at - (Knowledge) - Insight, wisdom, Intuition, Understanding, Higher influence
Tiphereth - (Beauty) - Grace, Glory, Honor, Maginficence, etc.

Justice - (Lamed) - learning, Teach, Sacrifice, Studied, etc

As you can see Justice fits nicely into this position.

Now here is The Tower

I placed The Tower, on the path/line (Diagnal) - Hod to Yesod. when you look at the imagery and the meaning of the card it fits. you have the Eye of God coming down from the Middle Pillar, Destroying the Tower that is a structure (world of Yetzirah - Formation).

Hod is on the Pillar of Severity/Tree of Evil, Feminine, Negative.

Hod - (Glory/Splendor) - Acceptance, Majesty, Renown, Intellect, Fame, etc.
Yesod - (Foundation) - Righteousness, Principle, compilation, Ground, Base, etc.

The Tower - (Daleth) - Authority, Imagination, Knowledge, Portal, Gate, etc.

As you can see this fits nicely in this position, for you need to go through this on you ascend back to god consciousness, from Malkuth, (Path of the Serpent). tip of the serpents tail (malkuth) - first loop path between (Hod and Yesod).

now the path from Malkuth, (is the tail of the serpent moving up to make first loop) - Yesod is The High Priestess. Now when you put it together it makes sense.

If this makes any sense to you.

Here is link to my Drawing up of the Lurianic Tree of Life, with the cards above in postions for you to view, hope this link works.

I leave this up to you to decide for yourself, and what works best for you.

Hope this helps you.

La Force
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