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Originally Posted by Always Wondering View Post
Yes. Temple of the Golden Star doesn't sit very well, does it?
The traditional intelligence of the fifteenth path of Heh is the Constituting Consciousness.
The Constituting Consciousness. It constitutes the Substance of Creation in pure darkness. According to masters of contemplation, this is that darkness referred to in scripture, “and thick darkness its swaddling band.”
On this path something is being constituted and formed. But this shaping of the substance of pure creation takes place in thick darkness. To me this suggests a maternal and womb-like form of creation. The Star/Nuit sitting between the father and the son fits the bill perfectly in my opinion. This is birth of ones own Star.

I think Seckler tried to interpret the phrase "thick darkness" as the subconscious when she moved this intelligence to the 28th path. I can see some sense in this, but unfortunately the interpretation of the Natural Intelligence (the traditional correspondence of the 28th path) is very phallic and fits the Emperor like a hand in a glove.

The traditional intelligence of the twenty-eighth path is the Natural Consciousness.
The Natural Consciousness. Through it is completed (or, perfected) the nature of all that exist beneath the sphere of the Sun.
Originally Posted by James Eshelman
Because of the correspondence of the Hebrew letters to the Tarot, which is prevalent in the Western Mystery Tradition, it is valuable to look more closely at how this meaning evolved. Qabalists of a hundred years ago taught that the Twenty-eighth Path of Tzaddiy corresponds to Atu XVII, The Star, one of the preeminent female images of the Tarot. Within the Thelemic model, however, it is taught that this was an error; that Tzaddiy corresponds to Atu IV, The Emperor, arguably the chief symbol of paternity, among the Tarot trumps, and, by implication, of phallic authority. In this light, in examining the root, TBO (root of Natural), we find that its meaning is “to sink, to press into”! From this primary meaning, it came also to mean “to impress, to seal,” as with the pressing of a royal signet into malleable wax; and then, “to sink, to be dipped in or plunged in.” The phallic implications are inescapable! In the Rabbinic Hebrew of the Midrash period, the form TBO, teva’a, came to mean a coin or medal – something that had been pressed or impressed – and, finally, a substance which is to be shaped. In Modern Hebrew, the word for the “nature” or “character” of a thing is this same TBO, teva’a.

So the “nature” of this “Natural Consciousness” is, first, only partly the field of Nature in the sense of the material world and its phenomena. This it is – from the philosophical view that this is the waxen substance which has been imprinted, shaped, and molded by the phallic, paternal, impressing, sealing, “plunging in” mode of Consciousness represented by this letter Tzaddiy. But it is also the “nature” or “character” of a person or thing, the fundamental disposition or temperament of a person – again, probably viewed as that with which he or she has been imprinted or impressed. On the Tree of Life, this Twenty-eighth Path marks the impact of the fiery desire force of Netzach, the Hidden Consciousness, on the malleable, waxen, adaptive, receptive aspect of the psyche represented by Y’sod, the Pure Consciousness.
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