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Yes interesting card. I am not sure but it seems to me there are Fireballs. Atmosphere is discharged. Process of elektrolization - is the process of removing the charged dust from objects that are rubbing against each other. This means that the process of clarifying the relationship involves a clarification of the situation, a difficult problem, which displays the card 6 of swords. We need to clarify the situation, open eyes to something, to remove the dust accumulated misunderstandings and innuendos, rid, get rid of illusions in order to make any problem clear.

This card indicates our desire to discover the truth, the truth in certain situations, that is the desire to shed light (light in the centre of the card) on the situation. When the atmosphere is rising, it must be defused. Sometimes it is enough a normal conversation, in order everything fell into place, but sometimes we avoid direct confrontation, prefer to escape to lick our emotional wounds (water). Sometimes we escape to the world of illusions in which we feel more comfortable and where we made calm.

This can be the symbol of a deep human's fear of Death. Light in the middle of the card can display the light of the tunnel the survivors of clinical death usually see. Lightning discharge, as the level of electroshock during the medical intensive reanimation of the heart (3 swords up and 3 of swords down). As 6 of wands sometimes can describe people dead because of the mistake of the doctor, 6 of swords can describe people who survived clinical Death, birds like a symbol of the human's soul. People who survived clinical death stand up like new ones with new views to this life. They feel antipathy to the style of life which they had before. They change their lives, and sometimes residence.
6 of sword is the card of reanimation.

Birds like a symbol of good news. They fly high in the sky. 6 of swords is the card of artists (water). The card of high ideals and commitment to them, aesthetic hunger, who wants to meet, the quest for the ideal of external beauty, narcissism, and high ideals of love.
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