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Random feminist ponderings for your enjoyment/ranting

Just having another pondering on this card.
I can see Guenevere as being a sort of empress that isn't allowed to have it all. The monks have made her into this sort of Eve, temptation, the reason for the fall of Arthur and the utopia that is Camalot.
On the same thinking I think i've come across a modern similiar - the business woman.
Here is a woman that fights and rules on the same ground as men (equal to Arthur) using her intellect to be on the same management level. She is intouch with her own sexuality, creativity and insight and keeping all these parts of her intricut self all grounded together and working in harmony, a constant balance. She has risen to the place where the queens and warriors (the feminist movement) have fought for her to be but yet she is not whole.
The ticking of the body clock, her own happiness and love in her relationship and in her job makes her feel its the right time to have a child. But, if she allows herself to have one of gifts that Nature has given us, she might lose out on her authority at work, her intelligence and will be another career woman that could have had it all if she didnt have a child. Rather than the monks that is re-writing the story , it is the government, the patriarchal nature of the business world that prevent her from having it all, that make her feel barren and maybe even not as creative and grounded and happy that she did.
The queens before Guenevere could have it all, and the modern Empress wants to have it all, will be ever have it all - or is that one of the reasons why its an archetype and not just reality lol. ]

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