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Golden Tarot -- Wheel of Fortune

The scene is in a one-room home with a stable attached. A woman, dressed in blue and covered in a red blanket, sits up and holds her baby in bed. They obviously adore one another. A wooden bench is beside the bed. The father/husband kneels down from the bench over a pot on an open fire. He is cooking something. Besdie him is a bowl and spoon. He is dressed in the same colors as his wife and has a curly beard. Behind the woman, on the wall, is a wheel being turned by an angel, an eagle, a lion and a bull who surround it. They all have halos. Just outside their room is the shed with a cow and a donkey. Over them is a rough straw roof.

It looks like the holy family, who seem like a perfect representation of the wheel. From humble circumstances to King of Kings.
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