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The Clown card makes me smile whenever I see it. The picture captures the dual aspects of the Clown-- he does look "innocent", in the sense of being positive or good-natured, and at the same time does look like he is up to something, as if he is enjoying a good inner chuckle, simulataneously fully enjoying himself, as well as expressing that enjoyment outward for others to benefit from-- represented by his attire and the way he looks like he is dancing-- something that is is both for himself as well as a display for others (he is looking right at us, aware that he is watched by others). I do wonder about the details-- the plant looks like sage, and so has a connection to both sacredness as well as purification. What is the bag he is holding in his left hand?

Two coyotes are behind him, and the one that is farther away is howling-- just like wolves, the howl is a way for distant pack members to communicate. Perhaps the far coyote represents some aspect of the Clown's identity or deepest desires calling to him from afar. Because the first coyote in the background is like a halo around him, it seems as if it is his spiritual or inner self that is being called to.
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