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The clown.

I love this card (as I also teach circus).

This card represents Karma, what you give out you get back.

Also, this person, knows that he's taking a risk, making faces, laughing out loud and making fun of those around him. He's likely to be taken for an idiot or rejected as much as he's able to be entertaining. He's taking a big risk, standing out of the crowd, and showing his skills or making a fool of himself. That is his KArma. But to be a successful clown takes skill, patience, perseverance, trial and error and also and mostly BELIEVING in what life gives to you as well as TRUSTING and having FAITH.

This person is as brave as he's foolish. being so close to the cliff.

He's someone else when he's dressed up as a clown. He can be whatever or whoever he wants, today he's a wolf/or bear or coyote.. tomorrow he's be someone else. That is how he's sees life, is believes he is life. he is what ever he believes or wants to be.

He won't fall over the cliff, he'll fly above it... and he'll show you because he knows and he believes !!!
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