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I was surprised by the look of equanimity on this 'Fool's' face. I always expect 'Fools' of decks to be maverick in some way; or to sport an expression of adopted stupidy to veil what must have been intelligence, like the court jesters of old. Otherwise how could many of them have survived the erratic behaviour of those they served?

It is interesting that the 'Golden' fool is a woman, particularly that this is a late Medieval, early Renaissance deck, but it does make sense, since the attributes of the fool in tarot are definitely not gender specific.

I feel this fool speaks less of impetuousness and of innocence than it does of wisdom; the wisdom that comes from experience, and has even transcended the experience to a state of higher understanding.

This idea is suggested to me by the fact that she holds a drum. Now..., music can be seen as the language, par excellence, the most complex, yet the most universal of all languages.

More so than in any other deck, I think if this fool appears in a reading, it will be the other cards, surrounding her, that will determine what it is she wants the querent to understand.

What do you think?
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