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Description: The lower part of the Medicine Woman is transparent showing the river, and valley below. The sun is setting. She holds a feather in one hand and smoking bowl in the other, with the smoke rising to the heavens. A hawk has its wings spread directly behind her head. The moon and stars show in the heavens.

Significant Details: The Sun, Moon, and Stars are all brought together. The smoke rises to the heavens. The eagle with its wings opened, clearly guiding the Medicine Woman on her journey. The Medicine Woman is at peace, in a meditative state, clearly shown by her transparency, and the fact that we can see what is behind her.

My Interpretation: Hidden influences are at work; the future is in the process of being formed and is not ready to fully predict. Ancient knowledge or practical information comes your way. This phase of your life is an appropriate time to practice developing intuition and psychic abilities, to be more introspective. This is an excellent time to make new goals or refine old ones.
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