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Golden Tarot - The Magician

Ok here we go...
I really like this card....more now that I have looked at some of the source material
The bulk of the card's source can be found at
It is from the portion depicting the Christ figure creating the animals.
The above site states the artist was adept at using limited space to "populate the biblical story with a maximum of incident".
I think that makes this work perfect for the card...a lot of activity without clutter.
I was once told that "wholeness make you holy". This card makes me think of that. The Magician is using his skills, and from the expression on his face and gesture his compasion (his empathy if you will) to do something maybe bless the animals, create, conjure, call?, combining knowledge, nature, life (animals), and the tools of the suits (tools of life).
His infinity comes from an illuminated text you can view it at
fourth from the bottom look for Legend of Saint Ladislas (from the Anjou Legendarium) it is amazing how it was extracted from the border and integrated into this image, just for that it is worth a look at the source.
I love how it comes from an illuminated text, it reminds me of the line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade "may he who illuminated this illuminate me" (hear Sean Connery saying this)
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about the magician being represented by Christ? Well, I am sure you do but could you share them?
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