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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
Oh, so this is not a free podcast?
It is free. But if you become a subscriber there are perks (early access to shows, giveaways, extra reading material ... )

It's on iTunes, GooglePlay, and the other podcast thingies, see below

on iTunes:…/podcast/f...;/id1244946489
and here on Google Play:…
and here on Stitcher:…/t-susan-ch...elhouse…

I gather the creators are just hoping to generate a modest return for their time, production costs, hosting costs and what not, and Patreon is one way of doing that. I can vouch that the extra reading materials are like a primer in elements, the Zodiac, Kabbalah, other mythic and esoteric matters of interest to particular cards.

I reiterate, the podcast is free, you don't have to subscribe/pay to access it. I figure for a couple of dollars though, you can be a part of something rather good.
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