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Oh, how exciting I just ordered this deck yesterday and now I see it has a study group how perfect! This deck combines two of my favorite hobbies!
So even though I do not have the deck in my greedy little hands I am still going to chime by looking at the picture.

I love the fact that Ginseng is the plant that is choosen for the fool. Naturally it grows along the mountains. Which really is such an accurate choice for the fool. It is a slow grower and you only really use the roots. I think that these aspects are important as you look at the Fool card. Growing in the mountains just as the Fool has gone to the Mountain to complete his enlightment. Spiritually there is much growing to be done in the mountains for the fool and his growth is a slow process that is not physical or superficial it is in his soul. Similiar to Ginsing - it's roots have the true power. It isn't plucked for it's external beauty, for it's showing blooms but for what you cannot see.
I love how there is nothing after the edge of the card. Artistically i think it creates a strong composition (sorry i'm an art teacher i just have to comment on it). But other than how striking it is, it makes me think that what is in the darkness doesn't matter as much as what is on the mountain and the current moment. Kind of a live for the moment message.
What a beautiful card! The herb really does add a deeper meaning to this one.
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