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What a nice thread; I have learned much from you! Some thoughts:

Regarding the roof vs. cliff: I always felt the traditional cliff setting gave a sense of joining the story in progress, or suggesting a sudden awareness you weren't in Kansas anymore. I prefer the roof setting. lunalafey (and others), I agree with your insight. Real change and freedom starts where you are, starts in your own home, starts in your self, maybe starts with the realization you have already climbed, not just wandered into the wilds. The journey starts before the pack and the staff are gathered.

I see the dog as playing with her, maybe not warning at all. The dog is looking at her or up, not worriedly at the ground.

I like the body she has; it reminds me of the parking scene in _Fried Green Tomatoes_. She may be utterly in touch with her child-like spirit but she's not a child, she's past puberty, and she knows the rythm of the moon. I like the sky's colors blue and white, much better than the traditional yellow and glaring sun. The colors and her gender also speak to more of a moon / Goddess / intuition interpretation.

The bird with the olive branch reminds me of the end of Noah's voyage in the Ark; after all the flood, hope and nenewal of the earth is promised. And I like the fact that the birds are many different kinds.
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