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Wow, birds, and birds, everywhere. Looking at the fool this song came running through my head......."come fly away, come fly away with me"'s one of the old Rat Pack songs, not really sure who sings it

Anyway....I really get a sense of this woman's exuberance. Her delight and joy.....her desire to merge with the birds, to be as jump off that rooftop and soar into the sky like her playmates around her. Such a look of simple pleasure on her face....she seems lost in the clouds, at one with the moment. Lightness, airyness, song and dance, freedom, and the wind.....all feels so hopeful.

I see her little dog as protecting her from the fall. Holding her back from making that leap....literally balancing her so she doesn't plunge to the ground below. He cares about her and wants to protect her from hurting herself. No no, he seems to be saying. Keep those feet on the ground.....or the rooftop in this case!

There is so much airyness, movement, and light feelings in the card it kinda tickles my tummy, but at the same time the sense of danger is also present.

Reminds me of the way I feel when I ride the ferris wheel.
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