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Originally Posted by flowergrrl
..but after reading this thread, I'm beginning to like it more. I'm new to this deck and the forum, so please forgive me for dredging up an old post.
My personal feeling is, no thread is too old to post on, unless it's been archived so that it actually CANNOT be posted to. That wonderful stretched out conversational feel is to me a big attraction of discussion boards like this one. So glad you have joined the party, I look forward to seeing your posts (and perhaps seeing others in new light).

Originally Posted by flowergrrl
..I think the main reason this Fool card disturbed me is because it has been galvanized in my heart that women are strong, at least the women in my family, and don't have time for folly. So, this card upset me in a way.

Then, especially after reading the responses here, it made me think, "Hey, maybe it's okay to let go sometimes, to be free, to be alive".

Maybe this also hit me in another way personally. I'm contemplating a big career move, so this card brought all of those issues up for me, how free I would feel doing something that *I* wanted to do...even though it may not make sense to a lot of folks.

As someone who has made such career choices myself, and as someone who believes one's life and freedom is one's own, however one chooses to claim them, I can empathize. It's scary to realize how much freedom we actually have, exhilerating and scary to make such choices, to design one's own path.
Best wishes, and don't forget to breathe and laugh at times.

I think it takes great strength and personal confidence to accept the risks and gifts of apparent folly, or those of a self-conscious and personally responsible life (whether or not it appears to conform to societal norms). I am not sure if the approval of family and/or friends is more a blessing or a burden, just as the lack of such approval can be both blessing and burden...

But at the end of our days, our life is what we have chosen and not chosen, and both carry responsibility.

Just my thoughts.
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