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The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - I The Magician

This card, unlike most of the deck, is not monochromatic. The scene is at night. In front of a celtic, druidic stonehenge-alike stones, stand the magician and his four helpers, each of them holding an element of the suites, and being on different steps and below the magician: pentacles, wand, cup and sword. At the top of the steps is the magician, his right arm raised up, his hand open as a lightning goes to his hand. At the same time, his left hand is above a fire containing an ouroboros (snake eating its own tail); the fire being on an altar with three skulls. A green mist is coming out of the fire. All the people wear a dark blue-black cloak and we can't see the helpers's faces, they also wear gloves. Characters are written on the side of the steps but I can't read them.

In my dictionary, it says about ouroboros is evolution closed to itself, eternal comeback, pulsion of life, self-fertilization.

I can see in this card elements that were in The Fool, the three skulls and the green mist. Are they related?

Lightning is a sign of power and strengh.
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