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The Magician stands on the fifth step. Five is the number of the Pentagram. Five embodies free will, justice, a desire for freedom and independence. (If you were to look at the arraignment of the Magician and his/her attendants from above, you would notice they are arraigned in a pentagram).

What is interesting about this Magician?

This deck follows the French numbering and progression of meanings (a la Marseilles), later you will note that Justice is in the VIII position, and Strength will come before the Hanged Man. So this is not of the English (and thus A. E. Waite school of thought) tradition.

In the French decks, the Magician is Le Bateleur, more of a Mountebank, or a Juggler. Waite made him a “master” or an Adept. “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by Arthur Edward Waite on page 75 states, “This card signifies the divine motive in man, reflecting God…”

Here we have a Magician. Not a Juggler, not a “divine motive”…we have a magician practicing free will. A magician utilizing true power of self to control…this magus stands above those with him, they serve him…

This is the true Magician – but he controls the power, and does not allow it to run free – this is a card that reeks of controlling power. Not human power, or power over others, but power of the other worlds (heaven or hell?). The controlling power of magic.
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