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One thing i like about this card is that the magician isnt a lone experimenter with the elements before him. He seems to be getting the power of the elements through his gang. He is not a lone, he is a master, a leader and full of power and control. I dont think the others are envious, they seem to be honoured to take part in this act. The gang (i dont want to use words like coven or magicians circle etc) free the magician to experience the 5th element, Spirit, Awen, the Divine, hence the lightening blot. I wish i could have that kind of control and not be worried of the consequences. They want to see what will happen, maybe they have tried this method and others before and this is the first time they've got lucky? They are not fearful of the power but realise they are akin to it and want to use it to benefit their whole world. In a world of darkness and using candlesticks, the electricity of a thunderbolt must be a wonder to behold, natural and supernatural and strange to them but still part of them.

A definate connectedness here that we certainly do not have much of in our world.
Just a few ramblings from todays card

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