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To me, this card doesnít seem to fit with the rest of the deck. Itís not monochromatic, and it doesnít have a vampire or gargoyle on it. In fact, it doesnít look terribly gothic to me. But the green mist intrigues me. It reminds me of the green mist from Braham Stokerís Dracula, the mist that creeps into peopleís bedrooms and calls to them; the spirit of the vampire. The magician is sending this mist out. He has created it, and now releases it to the world. He looks old, ancient, yet, he doesnít look like a vampire to me. Regarding the lightning that pierces this scene - is it coming down from the sky and into the magicianís hand, like it would do to a lightning rod, or is the magician generating this lightning and sending it to the sky?
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