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I took an internet visit to the theater in Bordeaux. It indeed exists still with the pictures of c. 1790, though naturally in a reconstructed form.
picture 1790, engraver artist Poulleau

The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux was conceived as a temple of the Arts and Light, with a neo-classical facade endowed with a portico of 12 Corinthian style colossal columns which support an entablature on which stand 12 statues that represent the nine Muses and three goddesses (Juno, Venus and Minerva).

The theater become for a short time "French parliament" in 1871, after the loss in the war against Germany. Perhaps it was already before connected to national French feelings.

The style of the deck "Petit Oracle des Dames" is rather obvious similar to that, with Juno and Jupiter. It might be well possible, that an Bordeaux engraving artist was used to this style.
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