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Originally Posted by Yves Le Marseillais View Post
Hello Philippe and all,

It's nice to see that seventies version you have reflect clearly our present work to achieve to publish a really good version of Conver tarot restitued.
Faces will NOT be pinky coloured of course and back of cards will be the original one and not a 2017 version.
Some colours will be added on some specific areas that are prooved after our researches.
It will improove quality of this famous deck that deserve it.

I intend to publish it by end May or June 2017.

Best wishes 2017 to you and all forumers.

Thank you Yves, I take this opportunity to bring you my best wishes for this new year.

Out of curiosity would you happen to have a reproduction of Feautrier's chariot? It's not that I like rubbing salt in the wound but I really need it as I'm currently doing a great deal of research about Chosson.
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