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This has been the worst Merc Retro in awhile for me. June 15th, the local drivers license bureau computers went out which I thought was hilarious...but two days later, we had to take our computer in. Diagnosis: Three weeks. I muttered duh under my breath when they said that.

The really bad part was that I woke up the day after with a pinched shoulder that kept me incapacitated on the couch, crying in pain. I couldn't walk, I couldn't lie down. I can't remember being in such pain without it being a kidney stone! I got some relief from a chirapractor who told me it would take about three weeks to get better...another duh!

My computer's back and I'm only feeling minimal pain so things are falling back into place but it's been a nightmare three weeks for my whole family's routine. My poor kids have had a miserable June!
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