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Aside from my computer mess up (BIG mess up), phone problems, some communication mishaps with others, and the usual randomness that goes with Merc Retro, this one wasn't horrendous for me. I've been talking to my mom more, able to control my of-late crazy feelings...and I've felt okay spending more time more time alone, which hasn't been the case for a long time. I wonder that has to do with Merc Retro being in Cancer--the sign of homebodies.

We're almost there, gang! According to some sites, we're just out of the Merc Retro, so yippee! Here's what my personalized weekly horoscope from a very reputable site says for me: Mercury turns direct in your love and creativity zone on Tuesday (July 10) and if you work for yourself, you are going to find the going a lot easier with fewer delays to complicate matters.

So, see? We're almost THERE peeps!

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