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I'm just getting to know the Thoth -- and loving every second of it, by the way...

I have just found that a double horse-shoe spread works well with the ED's. It occurred to me as I was studying the deck this a.m. that it might since you read the cards sitting next to one another together (and, if I remember right, the very first time I ever tried reading a deck with ED's rather than reversals, I used a double horseshoe to help me with the process). So, there's an option, too.

Where I'm finding the ED's tough are Court cards... Air of Air, Air of Water, etc... Hmph. Letting my intuition do the walking and looking at the cards surrounding for guidance. So far I seem to be getting some interesting insights, but everytime I see a Court, I take a deep breath... Patience seems the order of the day...

I've also managed to use the ED's quite well in a relationship reading using the Robert Place Relationship spread... The cards are laid out in sets of three's, you see, and that seemed to help with the ED's as well.

But I do also find the Thoth to be straight to the point -- and the point isn't always the one I asked about precisely. More cards work just fine, even on "fuzzy" questions if you are willing to let your mind wander a bit...

Just my humble two cents -- from a newbie Thoth reader, of course!
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