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Just to throw in a bit of personal stuff on this. When we initially did the cards as photographs of actual people (we threw away that approach after a few months and began again - ouch) The Magician was a friend of ours who in fact looks a little like the final figure we used (perhaps not very though!) He is charasmatic, very talented as an artist, but not the steadiest of people - and wants everything to happen immediately, with no effort. I think some of his aura still lingers in the card that we finally made.

On the other hand, the body we used for the final card (the head/mask is in fact taken from a different carving) is part of a bronze relief in memory of Jan Neruda, poet and short story writer and much loved in Prague. He is a less turbulent kind of artist - and his work does have a lovely sense of easiness.

So - just thought I'd throw that in as another set of associations. While we took very seriously the idea of showing this Magician as a trickster, we also very much wanted him primarily to be the mercurial artist.
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