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Originally Posted by Cynthia_H View Post
Hi Sentient

While I do not have a strong negative reaction to the RWS Queen of Swords, I understand this response to this card. It is almost an "archetypical" response in some ways. The other Queens do not evoke this response; the Q Cups is unconditional love, the Q Pentacles is hearth and home, and the Q of Wands could be your dream woman (and in my humble opinion a bit of a tart, but then I have trouble with the Q of Wands). These three Queens have remained within the expected behaviours for a Queen and represent the sister/daughter model of the Empress. But the Queen of Swords has dared to step away from the Empress model and take on an atypical powerful role normally thought of belonging to a King.
Do you see the Queen of Swords related to the High Priestess at all? The HP is feminine opposite of the Empress. Or maybe the woman in Justice?

Originally Posted by Cynthia_H View Post

I see the Q of Swords as possibly being more powerful than her husband the King of Swords and as the rouge daughter/sister of the Empress and clearly as an anomaly amongst the Queens. As Dr. Castor said the She-Wolves show us just how far we have come and how little things have changed. I think that we can feel uncomfortable with the Queen archetype stripped of her nurturing behaviours and taking on what are perceived as King behaviours.
I was taught that the Queen and King of Swords were a brother/sister duo. And it makes sense to me because you've gotta have at least one singular archetype in the bunch. So your point about having the Queen of Swords want to seize all the power would be quite appropriate in that instance, where she may be the regent to a young king (such was Haptshuet in Egypt) only to upsurp him and take control when he became of age.
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