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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
I agree all the way. Some people make a lot of angry noise over those who "pile esoteric stuff onto Tarot." That's crass hypocrisy! From a historical perspective Tarot was originally a game deck, and then fortune tellers piled all sorts of divinatory stuff onto it. Live and let live. Use it however you wish and do not condemn those who use it differently.
Dingdingding! And the boy wins the prize! Love it. But...'tarot was originally a game deck' one truly knows for sure. 'They' (those gamers) may have told the powers that be at the time (ie religious leaders/government) that they were using it as a game to avoid burning at the stake while in the back room they were actually using it for divination; I've heard that theory. It's a possibility that no one can determine for certain. So, if I want to give my purse a reading, that's my perogative, right? But we seem to have gotten away from the fortune-telling aspect somewhere along the way. If you do, fine. If you don't, that's fine too. Just don't throw stones when you're in a glass house. (NO, I'm not referring to you at all, just a comment pretty much about someone else.) Someone here recently said that tarot is NEVER EVER to be used to predict death or illness - this person had absolute 'proof' that it was never to be used that way...well gee, sometimes life and death just happens.
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