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I'm pretty sure there were two Isolt's... otherwise the end of the story in Two Cups wouldn't make sense.

Isolt of WH wasn't able to cure him... only the Isolt of Ireland could... so that goes with the traditional meaning of this card... rejecting opportunities and not taking advantage or appreciating what you have. This is almost a 4 Cups thing isn't it? So rather than the emotional withdrawal, it is the desire that withdraws and becomes complacent? I confused myself there I think, for some reason all the water and the story seemed like a cups thing rather than a sword... but since swords are fire... it is about passion and we are always getting passion and love confused. Well I do or did or am figuring out the difference.

Here is Tristam surrounding by all this healing energy, flowing emotion into a pool of tranquility, for Isolt of WH loved him greatly too, but he couldn't reciprocate this love, what he wanted was elsewhere... so he's lying there all listless and blah, pining for what he can't have, sick in heart and body and soul. Perhaps if he could have gotten over the Isolt #1, the other Isolt's love could have healed him, but he wouldn't and couldn't accept that.

So that is where the story changes and turns into something similar to the 3 Swords/ 5 Swords tradegy through trechery element that Sophie-David described. Jealousy making Isolt of WH tell Tristam that the other Isolt hadn't come and he died of his wounds and broken heart before she could reach him. So there is the difference then between true love and passion, love would not resort to treachery for revenge, but passion would.
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