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Articles on Chinese Playing Cards & Games

The theory of the Chinese origins of playing cards, or even Tarot, gets floated every now and then, both in the historical as well as the occultist literature. But this history has not been examined in any great depth, to the best of my knowledge. The following late 19th century articles will be of interest to those who wish to pursue this line of inquiry.

"The Chinese Origin of Playing Cards", by W. H. Wilkinson (1895).

And see the last few articles in this anthology (downloadable PDF from Google Books):

"Chinese games with dice" by Stewart Culin;
"The I hing or "Patriotic rising"" by Stewart Culin;
"East Indian fortune-telling with dice"
"Chinese games with dice and dominoes" by Stewart Culin.

Further sources, quotes and images can be posted in this thread for future reference.
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