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Hi Bonny,sorry to hear about the hit your confidence took!

I would recommend any of the red or yellow stones to improve confidence. I thought Tiger's Eye was a good recommendation, as well.

I have found ruby (you can get the opaque ruby, not anywhere near as expensive as clear) to be very good for elevating a sense of confidence, and a feeling of protection. Garnet is also very good for this, and widely available. Choose the very red variety (Almandine) for best results.

Also citrine would work really well to enhance your confidence; and carnelian, an orange stone, is very good for providing balance, protection, and confidence.

If you are a "water element" type of person, you may find pearls or lapis lazuli really soothing and protective, and pearls are said to enhance self-esteem

Prehnite is a green stone that is really calming and protective, in regard to anxiety, and black tourmaline is a great grounding stone, that also lifts worry and depression, and offers relief. It also helps dissipate negativity in the environment.

Sage is a good herb to prevent negativity as well, you might want to try burning a smudge stick in the room you most frequent. Peppermint lifts the spirits and mood, and lavender is very calming...

Good luck!
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