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Lightpers, you are not alone - I feel the same way. I will get the book to go with my second ed deck, but that is it. I struggle with loving the Prague 2nd ed...I got caught up in the heady rush of collecting Baba decks initially, but actually, the only two that interest me in the slightest are the Fantastic Menagerie and the Fairy Tale. I have them and I do enjoy them.

I am also somewhat put off by their constantly saying this deck or that will never be republished - but then, they go ahead and republish. It would be lovely if they could take it in a new direction, instead of slightly tweaking old decks...and selling them for massive prices. I never did buy the Alice, though, simply because I think I had Baba Deck Fatigue Syndrome.

Have to say that the card stock of the 3rd ed Bohemian Cats was...less than impressive.

Dunno. I feel disappointed, and somewhat cross with myself for buying into the hype...
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