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I love, love the the High Priestess card in this deck. Here are some things that I notice:

-I love the use of color in this card--black, red, and gold are dominant. Red makes me think of blood, which is hidden but essential to life. Gold also makes me think of elemental things, valuable things hidden in the earth. Black makes me think of what is concealed, unexpected--not what is "bad", but what is unknown.

-The cat here is very significant to me. Cats are the strangest creatures They seem to have their own agendas and schedules.

-I love how the high priestess is wrapped in her gown, which almost covers her entire body, and how her book (red again!), is wrapped and hidden.

Overall, this card conveys the vibe of the high priestess for me--knowledge, hidden strength and wisdom, intuition

I love the Pope Joan story, by the way--the idea of a woman infiltrating a patriarchal position, creating life through pregnancy, and keeping her identity a secret.
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