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Originally Posted by Bernice
Thank you Huck! I have the LS copy of this deck (called, German Renaissance).
In this book there is accompanying text with the woodcut images, I wish I could read it. There is no text on the cards, or a LWB with the LS deck.
Delightful (and thought-provoking) images. The woodcuts in the book seem clearer - or perhaps they're more finely drawn.

I don't think, that the deck really survived, but I don't know it for sure. Probably the colored versions are a remake from the book. Somehow a "book+cards" production, like Michelino deck, Boiardo Tarocchi poem and Murners and Ringmann's teaching.

... .-) ... the occasional told argument, that the Mantegna Tarocchi wouldn't be a Tarocchi, cause there's no evidence, that it ever was found on cards, is a little obscure.
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