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I agree with you that all the sexy women in the deck are there to appeal to men, a gothic version of the erotic calendars. Hot women are always used to sell cars to men. But here it is done elegantlty, and vampirism and eroticism are related a lot, so to me, seeing sexy vampires on this deck is not indecent. But women in the deck aren't weak creatures under the sujetion of men, which is an aspect that I like very much; it can be a strong appeal as well on other women.

I Haven't taken the time to count how many women, men in the deck there are, but I've noticed that men are most of the time fully cloted in the deck, while women are depicted as sexy and erotic.

It's a dark deck and large; I prefer large decks personaly, even if my hands are way too small to shuffle them. There is not much color in the deck as well, a few colorful cards appear here and there but that's it. My feminine side is fully satisfied with my Enchanted Tarot (Zerner-Farber), and with this deck I can finally express my dark and masculine sides.
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