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21 Ways - Step Four Fantastic Meangerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here:

4-1. Once upon a time ...

.... there was a young woman who lived in a walled in city. The city was dirty and dreary. She longed to move beyond its walls, breathe the fresh air, and see what she had been missing. Unfortunately no was allowed to leave or enter the city. Determined to get out, the maiden watched day and night to determine when city doors were opened and closed, and who went out and who came in. Her homework done, she gathered provisions, her disguise, and the next morning slipped out of the city.

Her adrenaline still pumping, and knees still shaking, she move on with the city hunters until she finally found a path leading away from the hunting party. Trees and shrubs line both sides providing her slight form ample cover. As she walked on, and night fell, she emerged into a pool of water. Her clothes had vanished, her skin turned white, and had begun to shape shift in to the form of a bird. Nature embraced her and dressed her. This would be a transformation that would take time from this point forward. The fish welcomed her with their song. She was free. She was home.

4-2. I noticed when doing this exercise that I really got into the re-telling of the story when in first person. This was a lot of fun.

I lived in a dirty and dreary walled city from which no one was allowed to leave, and strangers were not allowed to enter. I longed to move beyond its walls to see what I had been missing, there had to be more to life that this prison. Determined to escape, I watched the gates day and night to make out the patterns of when the city gates were opened and closed. Who went out or came in. Every morning it was the city hunters, and for all the vigilance no one seemed to count them. Some days more went out than came back and vice versa. My homework done, I gathered provisions, my disguise, and the next morning I snuck out of the city.

An hour or two out of the city I doung my opportunity to slip away via a tree and shrib lined path heading the opposite direction of the hunting party. The vegetation provided good cover for me. As nightime began to fall, I emerged into a pool of water. Without ever noticing, my clothes had vanished and and beautiful plants and flowers were covering and adorning my body. My skin had turned literally while, and as I touched my face I realized I had a long beak and had feathers on my neck and face. I had not felt a thing. Nature was embracing me, but the transformation would take time. The fish welcomed me with their song. I am free. I am home.

4-3. The story seems to relate to how I once tried to conform my beliefs to those more traditional and accepted by society and my family, and how empty and out of place I felt. I knew there was more to me and to feeling than I was getting. So I finally just embraced and accepted what I believe and feel and quit hiding from myself and those closest to me. I needed the freedom to me. Over the last few years I have been claiming just that. A lot of it has been accepting myself. Sometimes I still struggle, but I am persevering.
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