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21 ways to read a Tarot Card - Step 4

Step 4 – Thoth Tarot – The Lovers

Step 4.1 ~ In a land far far away, a land of great divides lived a young tribal boy and a fair princess, although they had never met they knew that one day destiny would bring them together. As their lives took different directions it seemed they would never be destined to meet, until one day they both attended a rally and fell in love, because of their different backgrounds, colour and social status, people conspired to keep them apart and the young princess was to be guarded by a large wizard who was to keep her safe and away from the young man, however unbeknown to everyone the wizard was a double agent and knew that to save the land he loved the young couple had to be together and marry so that peace could once again rule their land.

Step 4.2 ~ The Wizards Story.

I was hired to guard a young princess, my job was to keep her from her destiny of meeting a tribal boy, only by them meeting and falling in love would peace be brought to my land, a land that had been ruled by fear and divide for many hundreds of years. To fulfil my part of this story I had to pretend to be something I was not, I had to dupe the king and his supporters that I could keep the Princess safe, whilst gaining her trust that I was on her side and only wanted happiness for her and her young man.

Step 4.3 ~ Real Life Situation.

I’ve been with my partner for 3 years, He has 2 children from a previous marriage and absolutely adores them and children in general. His divorce was amicable and his ex wife knew that he had met someone else, which was fine. When he told her we were moving in together things started to go wrong, the girls weren’t allowed to come and stop at our house and things were generally unpleasant, although our relationship is strong outside influences can cause difficulties and when things are taken out of your hands you feel helpless to do anything. You just have to stay strong and work through the downs and know that the ups are only round the corner.

I really enjoyed this step, I don't usually find stories easy but this seemed to flow quite easily.

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