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Originally Posted by geministar
I became brave like the moon did in my story and got through those scary times of meeting new people.
And then you met me and Faunabay and lived happily ever after ~hugs~.

No seriously, what a beautiful story and how touching how it dove tails on your experiences and shyness. What I have noted in your previous steps as well is this one is the mention of "fear". What is the moon scared of? ... Are you really shy or is it fear ... or are you shy because you fear??? These questions are for you to ponder. I am not requesting or expecting a response. I know this is personal stuff. But I see a theme emerging over your last three Steps.

NOTE TO ALL: Gem and I are very close friends that is why I am comfortable asking her these tough questions and know she will not take offense. Just thought I would clarify that before someone thought I was out of line *LOL*.
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