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Step 9 Rider Waite Temperance
Why is she concentrating so hard?
Because what she is doing is important and requires skill and precision
Working on Science fair projects I won the county science fair and went to State, but my project wasnít as impressive or as exact as some of the others and I didnít win. If I had been more careful maybe my project would have come out better. I had fun that day even though I didnít win and I was there with my good friend.

What time is it?
It is the end of a hot day as evening approaches a storm is coming in
Visiting family in New Mexico, I had fun days running around the ranch and then I would come home to good food and sit on the back porch with my grandparents and aunts and uncles having a good time talking and laughing. Relaxation/vacation after a hard work, comfort and family during storm/bad times

What are the rays coming off the figures head?
They are thoughts she is sending out to the world like ESP
Praying when I was young for help and help came, I canít do everything by myself

Out of balance work and fun. Feeling too much pressure need to relax more.
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