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21 steps step 13

21 ways step 13.

DruidCraft, The Hermit. Not looking a books before I do this

ľ moon, open to the right; the moon ebbs and lows like our spiritual life. , its mysterious and the feminine
A three colored sky, light blue, lighter blue and gray clouds, a sunset/sun rise; blue is cold, intellect. Sunset/rise is warm and the bringer of new things and the endings of things.
Clouds are choppy tinged on the edges a darker colour, perhaps meaning unruly times, times are calming down, which is change.
The far-off landscape is partially flat with mountain range. Seeing afar, looking into the future, journey to reach them. Mysterious.
In foreground a stony path going somewhere, on a cliff edge: must not fall down, on edge, hidden depths, A journey into the unknown
An old man stands hold a staff: wisdom, experience, knowing, frail, keeping steady, firm and resolute.
He has long grey beard; wisdom, whatís important is not looks but the inner self.
He is wearing a slightly tattered brown vestment with hood covering eyes: worldly good not important, the spiritual more important, brown is the earth, earthly, grounded, in touch with nature, secret and unknown.
In his right hand at a stretch he is holding a lantern. Showing the way, offering guidance, strength,
The lantern has 2 panes that show a yellow light; enlightened, giving warmth, giving insight.
The lantern does not spread light; contained enlightenment, spiritual light,
A dark wolf stands by, with piercing eyes; strength, control (wolf under control), insight, nothing hidden, nature, a guide dog, alert to danger.

Looked at book, see I missed a bit. But got some right I love this section and will use adept section a lot now.

13.2 The object here is the lantern and the staff. The lantern seems to lead the way, but there is no light flowing from it, but the light is contained within the lamp. A spiritual light. The staff is usually used when going on long walks so it must be a journey. The journey and the spirit would indicate a symbolic journey into the inner spirit, looking for enlightenment.

13.3: I wrote last time that I was looking into stopping putting things off. I have also being looking into my inner self, who am i? Big question, but the Hermit seems just right for this. I have been lighting a lot of candles recently. I love this new crystal tea light holder Iíve got; itís a ball with swirling white ribbons in it. The ambient light reminds me so much of the lantern. Not strictly literal, but almost.

13.4. I think these symbols remind us of the need for wisdom about ourselves, about how material things in the end are not important. It is knowing yourself that gives life. life

13.5. The reoccurring themes were I believe: change, spirituality, control, guidance, and wisdom:
Change must come if we are to gain wisdom about ourselves, through guidance and self control will we achieve greater inner spirituality.

I think I will try this with all the cards Learned so much.
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