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step 8, part 2 - 21 ways - crow's magick

metaphors/phrases for my card, page of cups:

jump in with both feet

letís blow this popsicle stand!
letís boogie
young blood
pull out all the stops
stick oneís neck out
a happy camper
like a kid with a new toy

youíre such a chatterbox! (the lizard looks awfully chatty!)
skydiver and jump in with both feet (the lizard looks like he/she is diving/jumping out of a circle into the cosmos)
letís blow this popsicle stand! (the lizard looks like she/she is raring to go)
letís boogie (the lizard looks like she/he is raring to go, and like she/he might be calling to a friend)
young blood (all of the above, plus the lizard looks young)
happy-go-lucky and happy camper (thatís what the lizard looks like)
pull out all the stops (the lizard is NOT going to stop!)
stick oneís neck out (the way the lizard is in front, jumping out of the circle)
like a kid with a new toy (the lizard looks so happy and enthusiastic)

hey, slow down a bit! youíre such a chatterbox!
look at him. heís definitely jumping in with both feet.
itís nice to have young blood like that around.
get out of the way Ė sheís pulling out all the stops!
heís not afraid to stick his neck out.
look at her, like a kid with a new toy.

as iím writing these sentences, i realize that iím writing this from the point of view of an observer. it reminds me of when i was supervising practicum students, and how i enjoyed watching them get their feet wet and get all excited. right now iím working on my own but i know when i work in an agency, people often see me as ďjumping in with both feetĒ and maybe thinking, ďhey, slow down!Ē and iím definitely not afraid to stick my neck out, and can get excited about a new project ďlike a kid with a new toy.Ē
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