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aaah, this is why we are meant to do these things together. much easier to learn from each other (or much easier for ME to learn from YOU guys) when there is someone to interact with. because once again i see how i didn't quite use the instructions the way they were meant. so i am going to just play a little with this, with my new deck that i bought yesterday, the cat's eye tarot

i chose the ace of wands, showing a cat's paw threatening/playing with a snake that's coming out from under a rock.

a few metaphors/sayings

giving her a noogie
didn't know what hit her
i can't believe this is happening to me
playing cat and mouse
under her thumb
the early bird gets the worm
out of the blue

finish the following statements in as many ways as you can
"i am _______ "

i'm getting a noogie
i'm giving her a noogie
i'm stunned. don't know what hit me.
i'm stunned. i can't believe this is happening to me
i'm playing cat and mouse
i'm feeling like she's playing cat and mouse with me
i'm under her thumb
i'm having her under my thumb
the early bird gets the worm and i'm the worm
the early bird gets the worm and i'm the early bird
i'm stunned - this comes totally out of the blue

"the situation/figure in the card feels like ______ "

the situation feels like some unknown force is saying "gotcha!:
the cat feels like she's saying to the snake, "gotcha!"
the cat feels to me like she's just about to give the snake a noogie
the situation feels like there is a threat that the snake just hadn't thought would happen; and then when the cat showed up she didn't know what had hit her, couldn't believe what was happening to her
the situation feels like someone it playing cat and mouse with someone
the situation feels like someone has someone under their thumb
the situation feels like the saying "the early bird gets the worm" - it looks like it's just after sunrise and the snake isn't fully awake yet when the cat pounces on her
this situation feels like some threat suddenly appeared, out of the blue

my situation

interesting that i identify more with the snake than with the cat. and yes, something happened this week that feels like it. i felt relatively safe there under my rock, even a little smug (i'm a strong snake, after all!) and bang, suddenly i get this email making it very clear to me that this person has the power to threaten me and that i do NOT belong in the cat club.

thanks for giving me the opportunity to look at this again!
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