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Originally Posted by Alan Ross
It is also tempting to hope that I can find the right person to complete me. It is so difficult to hold on to the realization that I'm already complete.
The message of the card is that we really are already complete. Therefore, there isn't any need to complete ourselves and it's impossible for another human being to do what doesn't need to be done.

It's true that it's a normal human urge to seek a mate. But that mate is someone to walk beside you through life, not someone who will complete something that doesn't need completed. Namely---you.

I think the reason Ma Deva seemed to hammer the idea home is that the idea we need someone else to complete us causes so much misery for people. Needless misery. Think of all the people who go through life trying to find someone else to "complete" them and then getting their hearts broken when the person they thought could do that lets them down. And think of all the children who are results of unions like that who suffer terrible emotional harm from it.

We're not someone lacking an arm if we don't have someone else. We may be lonely. We may hear a biological clock ticking regarding having children. We may be sexually frustrated. But we're not incomplete as we are. We're simply feeling emotions and physical sensations that are normal to someone who is without a life's partner.

The life partner we really need is another person who is complete and knows it. And the best way to attract that partner is to realize and accept our own completeness.

It's a paradox. If we "need" somebody, then the very last thing we need is somebody. And when we quit needing, then we'll find somebody who is truly our partner.
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