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Originally Posted by sapienza
You can see scans of the whole LS deck here: http://******************.com/photos/album/119/Master

Also, Book Depository UK still have the deck available, with free postage
Thanks for the link
I also went in search for the deck.. it is out of stock.. someone beat me to it LOL!

I will eventually buy this deck it is beautiful.

here is a picture of what i have done so far, a bit blurry but you get the gist.. i think it will take me forever though LOL!

I have done them in watercolour. unfortunatley i read someone else pasted them on the dark green card.. great idea..I had already pasted on white.. and now wished i had used green LOL!! Not to worry.. I wont have any borders.. as much as i Love the green borders..

I cant believe i just said i love Borders!! its a first lOL!
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