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Originally Posted by JadeVictoria View Post
I'm super pumped about this group! Thanks for posting about it on IG I only have the Akashic deck so I can really only comment from that standpoint.
I always like to compare The Fool and The World when I get a new deck and since in this deck we have The Starseed and The Universe, I'll compare these.
The Starseed seems like she's really concentrating on holding, maintaining or manifesting that energy ball the way a student would. With The Universe she's meditating and she seems very calm, at ease and serene and it seems to come second nature to her manifesting that energy above her Crown.
The Starseed has a line of symbols from the bottom of the card up to her forehead of: chakras, sacred geometry, etc and none of them overlap. The Universe has layers and layers of sacred geometry all overlapping each other. So again showing that The Universe is more complex or advanced than The Starseed.
The Starseed is also floating up in the sky which to me symbolizes that she's working on her third eye, intuition, etc. but she's not grounded while she works, a common beginner mistake. Then we have The Universe actually sitting on the ground and so symbolizing a grounded approach to energy work.
So in general The Universe being more 'mastery' while The Starseed is more of a student, in my eyes, in this deck. So almost like an 'Advanced' Fool. To me The Fool is too naive to know that they know nothing (You know nothing John Snow, lol) and they just through themselves into the world. The Starseed, I feel like, knows they know nothing and begin their journey as a student, so a slightly more advanced Fool.
Hopefully this ramble made sense.

-Jade (Farmhouse_Oracle on IG)
wow jade, what an amazing comparison! love all the little details you picked up on. these cards are fascinating because there really is a lot of symbolism in them, it's just not always schools of thought you are familiar with, or the connections they make aren't immediately obvious. thank you for that new perspective! and i'm gonna be comparing these cards with al my decks now!!
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