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Originally Posted by kittydorkdork View Post
Hi all! I have the Akashic version of this deck and while I find the art incredible I can't read the deck worth a dark on an intuitive level. And I don't have all the traditional meanings of the cards memorized so I have to lean a bit heavily on the book when I do a reading. Was hoping a study group might help out.

Has anyone noticed above the Fool the clouds looks like the shape of someone meditating? I'm sure it's not intentional but I just noticed it like 3 minutes ago and thought it was cool.
Welcome to the study group! I can partly understand what you mean haha this deck is very dreamy and meditiative to me, but I sometimes feel like it lacks "clarity" when I use it, the messages are so dreamy they're almost not tangible if you know what I mean?

Then again, from what I've read of the wonderful guidebook it feels like the meanings are mostly derived from the RWS. So when using it I sometimes try to analyze how the card relates to the RWS, how I can find the more traditional meaning in the Starchild despite the image looking very different from the RWS. Sometimes it "clicks" and I understand Danielle Noell's interpretation, other times it actually doesn't work for me, so I have to dig deeper and sit with the card, trying to get my intuition going while connecting it with numerology and elemental correspondences.

Ooh that's very interesting about the shape in the clouds haha I had not noticed before!
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