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I am very found of the Robin Wood minors, but some major bug me too.
Empress and Emperor lool like Santa Claus and Grandma Keetle, their age made them more "fragile" than assertive...

Whell of fortune is strange... Unless your an haidresser dealing with bad-hair-day clients.

Judement look like streakers evaded from the 80' and World is probable a cheerleader parading.

But honnestly, the other major are very nice and very full of symbolism. I really appreciate the discreet death and her withe rose to show rebirth, not a very easy card to draw.

For the court cards, Robin Wood court card are lovely and very specific. The Cups and Sword are spectacular... But for the Wand, the plain yellow-yellow sky just dont match the rest of the deck... And outcast the rest of the so well shadowed character. Whay is it so plain? You can't se nothing else.

Energetic yellow, I understand, but does-it have to be so ugly? I wish she had put some cloud or shadow in the background, to show the energy of this suit. They seem like bathing in a mustard sea!

But I must agree that most of the minors are very interesting, very weel done, both close to Rider Waite and giving new insight to it. The drawing quality is excellent, feeling and emotions glides among the cards.
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