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Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Queen of Pentacles

Picture an actress from the silver screen days of old, making an appearance at a party. She is likely to be late (fashionably so of course), and will glide down the staircase, knowing full well all eyes in the room will be on her.

This is the vibe I get from this queen. Her hair has been immaculately fixed into place, two small bangs on one cheek. Her dress fits like a glove, and talking of gloves - she is waring matching elbow length gloves. You just know she did not pick this up from a rail in Walmart. It was made for her.

We see she is holding an open fan in her right hand, the symbol of the suit being the only apparent decoration.

She oozes sexuality and confidence. Many of us would have to work incredibly hard to look as good as she does. Yet for her, it has been part of her life for so long, it is second nature. I just find her to be a strange consort to the King of this suit. She has the appearance of being materialistic. You have to ask yourself if that is a fault or strength. I guess it depends on how she views her assets.
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